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How to Invest


Business Model

At Carson, we take a comprehensive approach to managing our core commercial, retail and industrial property investments, offering clients optimised investment solutions that achieve both income generation and capital enhancement.


Property Fund

The Carson Wholesale Property Fund provides investors with access to quality Australian real estate opportunities that aims to deliver strong return with sound risk control mechanism. The experience in financial advisory arena enables Carson Capital to understand or assess investors’ need and concerns. 

The various commercial assets that are available for investment within the Sydney Metropolitan area for the Carson Equities Property Fund may include:

  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels
  • Property Development Sites

Mortgage Fund

The Carson Wholesale Mortgage Fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in mortgages secured by quality properties within Australia. We filled in a market gap resulted from tighten lending policy. Our rich experience in financing commercial or residential property ensures the refined selection of projects. 


Enterprise Fund

The Carson Wholesale Enterprise Fund provides investors with the highly personalised plan aimed to initiate economic development. We work with the enterprises who see genuine economic opportunities and support their business develop to scale and sustainability through funding and business advisory services.






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